We didn’t create the pizza. We made it the way it was made to be.

With a passion that you can taste. A passion we’re proud to share. From right where we make it to the comfort of your own home, every pizza we make is made fresh for you and made to be the best you’ve ever had. Every time.

Haven’t had it yet? It’s time to meet your maker.

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  • There’s definitely a time and place for Maker...like when your only burger choice is South St. Love thy neighbour.
  • Be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm.
  • Product placement. 📷 @pizzatography
  • Eau De Za isn’t real, but the Eau De Za t-shirt is and it’s the perfect gift for your old man. First 100 people to email us at eaudeza@makerpizza.com receive a free t-shirt - dad will love you for it.
  • Infinite sauce.
  • Get your dad what he really wants. Maker. Turn up the sound for the full experience.

Above outlines our “delivery range”. This is not an accurate representation of our delivery parameters and can fluctuate.


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